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Jan. 7th, 2008 @ 11:26 pm Resolved.
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Happy New Year, Faithful Readers! I hope you all resolved to read more wonderful books this year. I resolve that every year. Also to stop cussing. I'm better at the book thing (What? I'm trying!).

I actually only got one book for Christmas, if you can believe it (I can't. What the heck, people?), and it was the amazing Official Nancy Drew Handbook. This wonderful little volume contains tips on things like escaping from quicksand and choosing the right nail polish. And of course, this reminded me that my move this year allowed me to get my Nancy Drew books out of storage and back where I could get to them (although sadly, still not onto the shelves as I still don't have any). So one of my long standing goals has been to work my way through the original series. This seems an ideal time to start, peppering them throughout my regular reading for the year. With that in mind, my first book of the year was the first ever Nancy Drew book, the Secret of the Old Clock, wherein Nancy discovers her yen for detecting. I am reading from the 1970s double release books in their liliac covers. These were handed down from a stepbrother's wife, which changed my Nancy Drew reading from library available to being at my fingertips. For a book crazed kid, this was, of course, ideal. The only series I remember with more affection is the Cherry Ames books, which no one seems to remember, but which featured a charmingly red cheeked nurse solving mysteries and saving lives during WWII and immediately following. Nancy Drew is a close second, maybe even pulling into first on the basis of availability alone. But somehow, inexplicably, I have never managed to work my way through the entire series (I've made some pretty good efforts though).

I would love to have some of you join me. Let's go! This year, let's ask ourselves - What would Nancy Drew Do?

The answer is obvious: Solve the mystery, get the guy, help the less fortunate and do it all in her sporty blue roadster with not a titan hair out of place. What could be better than that?

Next time: What was the last book of 2007?
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